A leading Oil Seals Manufacturer in Taiwan

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A leading Oil Seals Manufacturer in Taiwan

fos oil seal , rotary seals manufacturer , oil seals , lip seals, axle seals, custom design seals

Automotive Oil Seals, Rubber Molded Parts ManufacturerFOS has manufactured auto oil seals, and rubber moulded parts since 1989. We not only to produce standard designs automotive oil seal and moulded parts but can also create special seals to customer's specifications. Our experienced technicians, modern testing tools and SPC methods assure your order will be of the most excellent quality. 'Highest quality seals at the most competitive prices' and' Prompt delivery'are why more and more customers choose FOS as their automotive oil seals supplier.

Welcome to join us! For more details, please contact us or view our oil seal catalogue.Oil Seals Catalogue:External Lip Oils Seals of Automotive Oil Seals:All types are like general purpose types except outer lip oil seals.Specially designed for sealing rotating housings, e.g. front wheel hubs, etc.Dual Lip Seals of Automotive Oil Seal:Two garter spring loaded primary lip.Applications which require two fluids from each other, e.g. used for separating ATF oil and differential gear oil.Selecting stainless steel spring or case for the corrosive medium being sealed.

Flange Case Oil Seals of Automotive Oil Seals:Type J is reverse channel case to accommodate large clearances between the shaft and bore and added a flange and to provide additional strength.Type JG is shotgun cases existing a heavy outer flange to strengthen the case.Their flange case provides the function of positioning the seal, minimising cocking in the bore and early removing the seal from the bore.PTFE Lip Seals of Automotive Oil Seal:PTFE sealing lip for sealing aggressive media and sealing areas under high thermal stress.PVB1 has a single lip element that combines the low friction properties of PTFE with the flexibility of rubber.PBSC, PBTC are PTFE bonded lip seals..Competitive advantage:

Good professional technologyExperienced technical staffStrict inspection proceduresHighest qualityMost competitive price.

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Europe, U.S.A, ASIA.Contact Info:

Address: 21, Tzu Chiang 2 Road, Nankang Ind. Zone, ( 54065 ), Nan Tou, Taiwan. R.O.C.Telephone: 886-49-2255986Fax: 886-49-2255978Contact: Teri Huang/Sales Manager
Existing mould: 15-50 days, depending on ordering quantity.New mould: 30-60 days, depending on ordering quantity.

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No. 21 Tzu Chiang 2 nd Nankang ind Park, Nantou 54065 Taiwan
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